Group Workshops



CAST’s workshops provide clients with the opportunity to learn about and explore specific topics in a supportive group atmosphere. Led by highly trained facilitators, our workshops provide avenues for addressing distress and its underlying causes. The focus is on promoting new thoughts and experiences with a balance of education, exploration, and application. Our treatment program incorporates diverse group formats ranging from traditional to cutting-edge modalities, educational to experiential, and coaching to client-led.

We offer the following group topics:

• Foundational principles of wellness
• Values and goal-setting
• Life skills coaching and goal support
• Neurobiology of disorders and wellness
• Relapse prevention and early recovery
• Acceptance and commitment therapy
• Family systems and differentiation of self
• Attachment styles and healthy relationships
• Practical philosophies and spirituality
• Healing from trauma and developing resiliency
• Nutritional and recreational wellness
• Music, writing, and art workshops
• Psychodrama & Improv
• Brené Brown’s Connections
• Men’s and women’s groups
• Recreation