CAST Alignment Model

The CAST Alignment Model is the basis for the integrated activities of alignment, support, and treatment that are components of the CAST Centers treatment program. The client experience in the CAST Alignment Model includes weekly themed modules to help clients achieve recovery related goals and authentic purposeful living. Each module in the CAST Alignment Model includes elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Safety Seeking and other evidence-based practices.

Objectives of Participation in the CAST Alignment Model

  • Building a strong emotional foundation for living a meaningful life.
  • Exploring fundamental beliefs and how they shape and impact life experiences (e.g., interpersonal relationships, self-identity).
  • Gaining emotional freedom through understanding past trauma, maladaptive behaviors, and other causes of pain. Then use that knowledge to heal and recover.
  • Committing to being involved in life that incorporates a new awareness of personal goals.
  • Developing nurturing and loving relationships.
  • Living in alignment with a core belief system that balances relationships, work, wellness, intellectual pursuits, and spirituality.

The CAST Alignment Model is structured but flexible to help individual clients’ needs. The duration of a client’s time in the program can be a period of eight weeks or longer depending on what is clinically appropriate.  

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Gaining Skills in How to Live in Balance at Home, at Work, and at Play

  • Prioritizing and removing imbalances from one’s personal life
  • Developing knowledge and the ability to live a healthy and productive life
  • Learning self-care and listening to one’s needs
  • Balancing passions and obligations
  • Learning how to enjoy life, including healthy play

Building the Foundation for Healing and Committing to Life

  • Discovering your passions and exploring one’s identity
  • Identifying destructive patterns and breaking them
  • Learning to speak up
  • Crafting a vision for one’s life
  • Creating healthy habits and positive coping skills
  • Stabilizing underlying mental health and substance use problems
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Engaging Clients in CAST Alignment Model for Mental Health and Addiction Recovery in Los Angeles

CAST Centers treatment professionals can address client needs using the operational constructs that reflect the CAST Alignment Model precepts, set out below. The arrangement and flow follow the program modules but are still flexible to be responsive to the needs and timing of individual clients’ readiness to start treatment. The CAST Alignment Model is set up so clients can begin at anytime.

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CAST Alignment Model Modules 1 through 4

1: Learning About Your Instincts

Examine early life experiences and how they may have affected you. Explore topics such as relationships and personal identity. Learn to listen to your intuition. Explore what narrative you use to define yourself and those around you. Answer the question, “Who Am I?”.

2: Freeing The Heart, Trauma To Joy

Discover your passions and use them as fuel for life. Explore emotional life, healing heartbreak, letting go of unhealthy attachments and grief as an expression of gratitude. Develop and implement an individual plan for stabilizing active mental health symptoms or active substance use. Learn to live in the moment.

3: Developing Effective Communication and Expression

Gain awareness of communication styles and habits. Express your personal truths. Develop skills to express feelings and engage in arguments and disagreements in a more productive way. Practice mindfulness and work on asserting your needs effectively in a way that maintains positive relationships.

4: Inspiration, Finding Your Purpose

Connect the concepts, ideas, and practices to continue building a strong foundation for a healthy life. Take time to reflect on how the CAST Alignment Model has assisted in building the foundation—clearer mind, open heart, and increased skills in personal expression—for healthy instincts and responses.

CAST Alignment Model Modules 5 through 8

5: The Home Environment

Explore what “home” means to you. Exam interactions and experiences with family and how they affect you now. Develop skills to cultivate a home life that is safe, supportive and nurturing. Learn to focus on self-care techniques and priority management.

6: Balancing Work and Play

Explore what work and play means to you. Develop skills and practical tools for time management and budgeting/money management. Focus on being self-supporting as a source of empowerment. Identify how to set aside time for pleasurable activities and time for yourself. Learn the importance of play and how it supports mental health, recovery and how it ultimately helps you function more effectively in your work life.

7: Building Healthy Relationships

Identify your attachment type and how it plays a role in your current relationships. Work on setting healthy boundaries and keeping those boundaries in place. Examine your losses in life and gain an understanding of how to move through grief. Learn how shame impacts interpersonal relationships and developing skills to promote awareness.

8: Acceptance, Surrender and Accountability

Examine your role in your current circumstances and practice accepting the things in your life that are out of your control. Create individualized self care routines that make sense for your life and keep you moving in a positive direction with accountability. Begin to let go of things that are no longer serving you, from relationships to behaviors, to your own negative self-talk.

CAST Centers is in network with Anthem Blue Cross, MHN Health Net and accepts most PPO insurances like Cigna, Aetna and GEHA.

Outpatient mental health and addiction treatment in Los Angeles

CAST Centers offers hope for those in mental health and addiction recovery in the Los Angeles area. Our CAST Alignment Model modules help you create the best treatment programs to suit their needs in recovery.

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