3 tips to manage stress

Everyone will experience stress on a daily basis. For some people it will pass as they go about their day, while others find it hard to manage and it piles up. Ongoing stress can become overwhelming leading to anxiety and depression. Left untreated stress can also manifest in physical symptoms that include physical fatigue, high blood pressure as well as thoughts you can’t seem to turn off. Here are 3 tips to manage stress and live a better life today.


Appropriate Sleep

Regular sleep patterns have been shown to help the brain and body relax and reset. Finding the right amount of sleep may change throughout the lifespan and it may not always be easy to get into a regular routine so be patient. However, by taking steps to schedule your daily routine around a regular sleep schedule it will help the brain and body know when it is time to sleep as well as time to get up and get going. Helpful tips for your sleep schedule can include limiting caffeine intake later in the day, turning off electronic devices such as phones and tablets prior to bedtime and take time to meditate. Mindfulness is a powerful tool to use to get in the moment for stress management and preparing for sleep.


Connect with nature

Getting outside and connecting with nature can heal as well as inspire. Spending time in nature can include going for a hike or walk, picnic in the park, digging in the garden or laying on the beach. A key to connecting with nature is to take time to check in with your senses and pay attention to what you see, hear, smell, touch or taste to bring your mind and body into the moment. There could even be a hobby you always wanted to try such as bird watching or drawing that could take you out into nature. Schedule regular time outside with nature to help your mind and body relax and make it something you look forward to with a friend or alone.


Get a Support system

Sometimes just saying something out loud can help while other times it might be helpful to get feedback and direction. There will be times that different people or groups can be helpful to reduce stress for situations that come up. For example, knowing who to talk to about financial stress might not be the same person as who can help with childcare stress. Find support systems that you can share honestly with and build up trust overtime so when things get intense you are comfortable reaching out rather than taking it on alone. A support system may be for only a few weeks while others may last a lifetime, regardless, you will find benefits you didn’t even image were possible.


Learning to manage stress on a daily basis is about becoming proactive rather than being reactive. Not letting stress build up and taking over is doable by putting into practice simple daily routines as well as having a toolkit to utilize when times get tough. The good news is that you can do it!

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