Is There Online Treatment for Benzo Addiction?

Online treatment for benzo addiction is a viable option for treatment. Researchers have proven successful with online addiction treatment over those without treatment. After detox, there is no one size for treatment. Telesessions are an easily accessible form of online treatment for those who can participate. The most critical factor in the success of online addiction therapy is finding a therapist you feel a connection with.

What Is Online Treatment for Benzo Addiction?

Online treatment for benzo addiction has many names. E-therapy, cyber-counseling, telebehavioral health, and online mental health treatment can all be attended remotely. Face-to-face sessions are similar to meeting the therapist in the office. The sessions are held on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. A treatment plan is established, and the therapist and patient work towards establishing a sober living plan.

For patients with co-occurring mental illnesses, you may contact a different therapist to treat the mental health issues. Benzo addiction far exceeds the number of people addicted to opioids. However, accidental addiction is common as these drugs treat depression and anxiety. Therefore, there is a demand for more options like online treatment for benzo addiction. The most common kinds of benzos prescribed include:

  • Xanax (Alprazolam)
  • Onfi (Clobazam)
  • Clonazepam (Klonopin)
  • Clorazepate (Tranxene)
  • Chlordiazepoxide (Librium)
  • Diazepam (Valium)
  • Lorazepam (Ativan)

The first step after detox is to discuss online treatment for benzo addiction with your primary care provider or mental health professional. Finding the proper connection with a therapist may take a few tries. For severe, long-lasting addictions, this form of therapy may be risky. The physician or mental health professional would decide to determine if online treatment would be viable.

What to Expect from Online Treatment

There are individualized options for online treatment for drug addiction. Relying on technology to deliver learning sessions, psychotherapy, and tutorials for homework, this treatment is most successful for independent and responsible patients with the drive to succeed. Therefore, access to the internet and knowledge of technology is essential.

There are different forms of online treatment for benzo addiction. However, with so much on the line, the right fit should be considered to avoid all chances of relapse. Taking an honest inventory of the patient’s needs and determination to remain sober is essential. This treatment works well with a robust support system and supplemental group therapy.

Options for Online Addiction Treatment

  • Therapist-led online therapy. Much like regular therapy sessions held in-office, online therapy uses online video, phone calls, emails, and chat sessions to perform online treatment for benzo addiction. There are HIPAA-compliant applications the therapist can implement to ensure privacy and security. In addition, therapy can investigate the reasons for the addiction, ensure personal growth, and teach positive coping mechanisms for a sober future.
  • Computer-assisted therapy. The patient can follow an interactive online program that guides through a self-instructional process with little or no therapist involvement.  This form of online treatment for benzo addiction might include videos with educational content supplemented with computer assessments. Tutorials with homework assignments take the patient through a preset course of learning. This treatment is for independently oriented people who can fulfill their predetermined treatment without supervision.
  • Web-assisted therapy. Using mobile applications and online therapy websites, this online treatment for benzo addiction is an independent study. The patient reads, studies, and completes assignments and tasks with the applications. Website therapy implements thought-provoking therapy issues and requires self-assessments to be completed online.
  • Technology-supplemented therapy. This online treatment for benzo addiction combines face-to-face therapy and online treatment sessions. Web learning, assessments, homework tasks, and educational processes for a sober living are intertwined.

Types of Therapies Used to Treat Benzo Addiction

When it comes to addiction treatment, it helps to know that, if one method is not working, you can always reconsider. Combining treatment types to conform to what you need and want is possible. Practicing mindfulness and self-awareness will help in your decision-making process concerning addiction treatment. Substance abuse involves physical, emotional, social, and financial factors in a person’s life.

This treatment uses evidence-based therapies, just like inpatient and outpatient programs. The patient may want to implement other types of therapy with the online treatment program. Holistic therapies have proven successful in addiction treatment. Group therapy offers support and strength from others facing the same challenges.

Two types of therapy often come into play with online treatment for benzo addiction:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) aims to teach people how to avoid negative thoughts and actions. In addition, therapists help to teach patients what their triggers are to stress. Learning how to deal with cravings and institute positive coping mechanisms instead of leaning on drugs.
  • Motivational interviewing works well with online treatment for benzo addiction. Therapists lead pre-structured conversations that help to identify differences in life with drugs and addiction and a healthy, sober lifestyle. This method allows the patient to find their answers and realizations through the conversations.

Benefits of Online Treatment for Benzo Addiction

Online treatment is not for everyone. However, there are benefits for some people who need a very individualized course of treatment. Financial concerns are often a barrier to addiction treatment. Online programs are much more affordable and easier to fit into a person’s life when other responsibilities are present. The following benefits of online therapy may be what you are looking to participate in.

  • Enhanced privacy: avoids the fear of the stigma surrounding addiction treatment
  • Increased accessibility: people who cannot physically attend therapy sessions can receive treatment
  • More options: treatment can change if needed and follows its own pace and timeline

Find Online Treatment for Benzo Addiction in California

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