Connecting to the Present Moment – Monthly Meditation, November 2018

By Michael Arndt, Alumni Coordinator, CAST Centers
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Staying present can be exceedingly difficult as the holidays approach. We tend to have a lot on our plates and though the holidays mean quality time with family and friends it also brings a unique set of challenges and can feel overwhelming. Whether it be a packed social calendar, or a packed work schedule or both, staying present and focusing on the here and now becomes more and more difficult as we approach November and December.

The practice of connecting to the present moment is all about staying grounded and being true to ourselves. It is about finding that space inside of ourselves that reminds us we are strong enough and capable enough to deal with whatever is right in front of us. It is about letting go of a yesterday that tells us we messed up. It is about letting go of the fears of tomorrow as they have not yet come to pass and are therefore out of our immediate control. Above all else, connecting to the present is a conscious choice we must make to care for ourselves when we feel overwhelmed or stuck. Meditation practices can be a great tool for us to help quiet our busy minds and bring us back to the present.

Connecting to the present as we navigate the holidays also allows us to be open to the gifts we have right in front of our eyes (both literally and figuratively). It fosters a sense of gratitude and acceptance which we all could use a bit more of.

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