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Our day treatment, partial hospitalization program (PHP), is one-of-a-kind treatment based on the CAST Alignment Model. If you want help solving your issues or struggles with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, or other challenges, we offer support in a safe, secure, and comfortable environment .

“My experience at CAST was phenomenal. I went in broken, sick, anxiety ridden and so disappointed in myself. The clinical staff and the clients made me feel welcomed, encouraged and supported.”


What is Partial Hospitalization Treatment?

Day treatment, also known as partial hospitalization program (PHP) treatment provides a less intensive level of treatment than inpatient or residential program, but is more intensive than an outpatient program (IOP).

Some people enter PHP therapy after a residential inpatient level of care or hospitalization. Clients can also come directly into the partial hospitalization level of care before their mental health or substance use requires inpatient treatment .

How Do I Know if a Day PHP Treatment is Right For Me?

Whether a PHP day treatment is right for you depends, in part, on your stage of recovery or healing process. If you’re leaving a treatment facility or a hospital program, but feel you still need help and support, or you were referred by your healthcare provider, partial hospitalization treatment might be just what you need. Returning to life at home immediately after treatment can be a challenge. If you don’t feel you’re ready, CAST’s partial hospitalization program is a good solution.

The difference between living in a partial hospitalization treatment facility and living at home can make for a more significant treatment experience. Even though you’re undergoing treatment during the day in another program—under constant supervision—once you get home, you’re no longer supervised. This can make it tough to stay sober, strong, healthy and maintain gains.

PHP treatment is designed to bridge the gap between residential treatment and home, but may also be appropriate for people who do not need a residential level of care.

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What Does CAST’s Day Treatment PHP Treat?

People come to our day PHP treatment for many reasons. Some have anxiety and/or depression. Others struggle with bipolar disorder. Some people seek to end the cycle of substance abuse. Others are dealing not only with addiction, but also a mental or psychiatric illness.

We have the experienced staff and the necessary tools to treat all the above in a calm, comforting, and structured environment.

What Should I Expect From CAST’s PHP Program?

Our PHP program meets five days a week for three group therapy sessions per day, along with a weekly one-on-one therapy session. You and the CAST Centers clinical team will be working together to develop a treatment program to meet your individual goals.

The CAST Alignment Model

The CAST Alignment Model (CAM) is a key feature of our PHP treatment. The CAM is a unique method of treatment that addresses your need to integrate your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves. This model uses therapeutic tools to help you define your goals and take responsibility for achieving them.

At CAST, our core philosophy sets us apart. We believe awareness and empowerment can transform you and allow you to live the life you want, free from the issues that hold you back. Our partial hospitalization treatment programs are designed to provide you with guidance and support as you learn to improve your mental, emotional, and spiritual self.

Throughout your PHP treatment journey, a CAM facilitator will guide your recovery and help you define and work toward your goals. We’ll customize the CAM to suit your needs and goals and provide you with therapy options to help you in your unique recovery.

Your enduring recovery and path to healing is most important. Spending part of your journey in partial hospitalization might be exactly the healing you need. We would love to answer any questions you have!

CAST Centers is in network with Anthem Blue Cross, MHN Health Net and accepts most PPO insurances like Cigna, Aetna and UnitedHealthcare.

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