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At CAST Centers, we strive to empower individuals with the tools they need for a life of authenticity and joy. Our experienced team of professionals provides services for mental health needs, addiction treatment, and dual diagnosis with compassion and understanding.

We proudly offer individuals access to proven methods such as talk therapy, evidence-based treatment plus spiritual and mindful approaches. With the help of a CAST Centers recovery coach in Los Angeles, California, individuals can unlock new levels of success and fulfillment in life.

Coaching Offered at CAST Centers

Coaching helps people identify and achieve their goals, and connects them to their passions. It supports individuals seeking to improve their lives, such as emotional, mental, physical, social, and financial well-being. The people who seek out CAST Centers come from all walks of life. 

At the same time, others want to break free from negative cycles like alcohol or drug abuse. However, all share one commonality— a desire to live fuller lives. A recovery coach in Los Angeles helps individuals foster relationships with family and friends, increase self-awareness, and promote better health and sleep habits. In addition, with the assistance of a coach, clients learn to recognize their strengths and improve their self-confidence.

Also, they help explore options for making positive changes, create action plans and assist individuals in problem-solving. What’s more, clients gain the knowledge of how to handle triggers as well as conflict in all areas of life. 

Coach Mike Bayer

Mike Bayer, Founder/CEO of CAST Centers, has been providing quality life coaching for over 10 years. He is a Certified Life Coach and a Certified Addiction Specialist who is dedicated to helping his clients live their best lives. Coach Mike also spent the earlier years of his career as a drug and alcohol counselor (CADC-II) and board-registered interventionist (BRI-II). In 2005 Mike founded CAST Centers – a leading dual-diagnosis treatment center in Los Angeles, California.

Mike has worked in the field in several capacities including team-building within corporations, keynote speaking for numerous events and fortune 100 companies, as well as providing creative workshops. He is credited with helping a long list of A-list celebrities achieve their highest potential. He also hosts a podcast, Always Evolving With Coach Mike Bayer. As a two-time New York Times Bestselling Author, his expert advice has been featured on renowned shows such as Dr. Phil and The Doctors. Thus, Coach Mike has a broad platform through which he can inspire millions of people worldwide.

CAST Alignment Model (CAM)

The CAST Alignment Model (CAM) provides the foundation for all of our comprehensive recovery programs designed to help individuals find a purposeful living. Clients experience two distinct stages of treatment tailored around their individual needs. Further, these stages can last anywhere from four weeks to eight or more depending on progress and healing goals. This structured yet flexible approach provides personalized care throughout each client’s journey toward long-term sobriety.

Our CAST Centers professionals are dedicated to providing patient-focused treatment that incorporates CAM precepts. CAM modules provide a comprehensive approach to addiction recovery. Also, the flexible structure allows us to be responsive to the individual needs of each client. We understand that not every person is at the same starting point, so we make sure no one has to miss out on any necessary steps for successful healing outcomes suited to meet each person’s needs in recovery.

Next Step Program

For those seeking to make a meaningful transformation in their life, NEXT STEP is here to help with a recovery coach in Los Angeles, California. Our program assists individuals with planning and taking action toward the future they desire. Whether recovering from treatment, returning from a period of stagnation, or seeking clarity for what’s next in life. We offer support specifically for this goal-oriented pursuit.

At NEXT STEP, we are dedicated to empowering individuals in their quest for personal growth and transformation. Our specialized coaching program helps clients take the first steps toward their future goals with a sincere intention for success. To be sure, our recovery coaching services can help people discover what’s next after facing obstacles such as treatment or times of uncertainty. Thus, allowing people to develop a focus on breaking through into bigger opportunities ahead.

Best Self Coaching Program

The Best Self Coaching Program offers a comprehensive approach to transformation and personal growth. Developed by CAST Centers CEO and Founder, Mike Bayer, it’s designed for those motivated to make changes in their lives. Furthermore, clients will build upon positive attributes that will empower them on their journey of self-improvement. 

With CAST Centers’ Best Self Coaching Program, transformational change can be within reach. We have a selected team of coaches guiding our clients every step of the way. They provide support, and motivation as well as teach clients how to make positive changes immediately. Clients will engage in 24 touchpoints including one weekly coaching session and three weekly accountability check-ins. For those motivated by personal growth, this could be their opportunity to press reset.

Benefits of a Recovery Coach in Los Angeles, CA

The benefits of the CAST Centers Coaching programs are numerous. Working with a recovery coach gives individuals access to professional guidance from someone who has experience working in this field. They understand the challenges people face when it comes to personal growth. As such, coaches have the knowledge needed to help people move forward in positive ways. 

The resources available through the coaching program are also invaluable. Accordingly, this provides additional support and the guidance needed on the journey toward personal growth and development. Finally, working with a recovery coach gives people access to a safe space where they can openly discuss their issues without judgment or criticism. This is vital for anyone looking for meaningful change in their lives. 

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, we at CAST Centers are here to discuss anxiety treatment options and help you create an anxiety treatment plan.

CAST Centers Los Angeles rehab program

Find Your Next Level of Success with a Recovery Coach in Los Angeles, CA

Are you are feeling overwhelmed or stuck where you are? CAST Centers’ coaching program is tailored for those who want to take control of their future and achieve the goals they set. Advice from friends and family can be helpful. However, having an objective experienced coach will ensure honest self-reflection combined with achievable goals, for real results.

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