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CAST Centers provides HIPAA-compliant online treatment services, including group and individual therapy and life coaching. We realize not everyone has the ability to access in-person treatment services, whether due to distance, scheduling, or social anxiety. That’s why we have been offering remote, online drug treatment in Los Angeles for over 10 years.

What is Online Treatment?

Also known as e-therapy, cyber-counseling, and telebehavioral health, online mental health treatment is the remote delivery of mental health services away from the traditional office setting. Instead of meeting a therapist or counselor in person, the client connects with them via their computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Online treatment can include videoconferencing, over-the-phone sessions, online chats and voice messaging, and even email and text sessions. Online treatment also refers to mental health services delivered via apps designed for such a purpose. Of course, the design of these apps can vary.

With some, the client can receive care for clinical mental health diagnoses, while others are designed to help the user cope with a specific issue like depression, anxiety, or insomnia.

Who is Eligible for Receiving Treatment Online?

Those eligible for receiving online drug treatment in Los Angeles include people diagnosed with a substance use or mental health disorder such as depression, anxiety, or bipolar. 

Online treatment can provide mental health services to people who need more flexibility with scheduling. Many of our online clients have busy day time schedules and are not able to fit a traditional IOP schedule into their work and private lives. 

Another benefit of the CAST Centers online treatment program is those who live in remote areas. Clients living within the state of California who do not have access to treatment in their area may be able to attend online IOP to get the help they have been looking for. 

How Does Online Treatment Work?

Much like traditional counseling that takes face-to-face, online treatment takes place through digital mediums. These include mobile apps, video conferences, email and text messages, or any platform where a conversation can happen virtually.

At CAST Centers, clients can log in from a private location and participate in our LUNA Evening Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Clients can participate in individual one-on-one therapy sessions while seeing and hearing their therapist via a secure online connection. Additionally, our online group therapy program helps clients connect with others who are working on similar issues in their recovery.

Utilizing our CAST Alignment Model, we empower individuals to be themselves, without being defined by the symptoms of their substance use or mental health disorder. We offer a variety of programs and therapies to help them throughout the recovery process. 

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Benefits of Online Treatment

Going online has expanded the possibilities for mental health treatment. According to data released by the National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Centers and the National Mental Health Services Survey, online medical treatment, otherwise known as telemedicine, increased from 22% in 2015 to 69% in 2020.

One way people have reduced the stigma of mental health treatment is through the increased use of online services. Online drug treatment in Los Angeles allows for feelings of security and increased privacy when receiving treatment. One result of this increased security and privacy is mental health providers see fewer missed and canceled appointments.

Other benefits include:


In the past, too many people struggled to find effective mental health treatment. This led to the widespread avoidance of issues surrounding mental health, which in turn led to negative health outcomes. These days, online treatment for mental health disorders is widely accessible. Those living in rural or otherwise hard-to-reach areas enjoy more options. Online platforms open up the possibility for mental health counseling to just about anyone.


In this increasingly hectic world, it’s not always easy to fulfill appointments. However, thanks to online treatment options, clients can participate in their sessions at home. Online treatment eliminates the need for travel. This makes it much easier to fit a mental health counseling session into one’s day. After all, mental health treatment should take place on the client’s terms and work for their schedule—online treatment makes this a reality.

dual diagnosis therapy


Many people avoid mental health counseling because of the cost. Fortunately, online treatment has made the practice affordable. And since the pandemic, most insurance providers cover online treatment in Los Angeles, just as they would for in-person treatment.


For some, the prospect of exposing one’s vulnerability in an unfamiliar place was intimidating, and so seeking help for one’s mental health issues was swept aside. With online treatment, clients can participate in a session wherever they feel most comfortable, whether that’s in their office or their living room. In this way, online treatment eases anxiety on the part of the client.

In conclusion, online treatment helps make it OK to seek and receive professional help for their mental health. Those who may have held back from seeking mental health treatment because of negative stereotypes or a lack of options may want to reconsider.

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If you or someone you love struggles with a mental health or substance use disorder, CAST Centers in West Hollywood can provide support, both online and in person. Our caring, professional staff will work with you to optimize your wellness and set you up for success in your recovery. Plus, CAST Centers is in-network with Anthem Blue Cross and MHN Health Net. We also accept most PPO insurances, including Cigna, Aetna, and UnitedHealth.

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CAST Centers is in network with Anthem Blue Cross, MHN Health Net and accepts most PPO insurances like Cigna, Aetna and GEHA.

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