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CAST Centers’ Custom Outpatient Program in Los Angeles is a truly one-of-a-kind treatment plan designed for the specific needs of the client. The CAST Centers’ clinical staff manages each customized plan using a wide variety of treatment modalities.

CAST Centers will assess and design a treatment plan that meets any emotional, intellectual, and practical needs, because we understand that sometimes real life can’t be put on hold for recovery.

What is a Custom Outpatient Program?

The Custom Outpatient level of mental health care can be for clients that have work or other obligations, and therefore cannot attend a scheduled PHP or IOP program. It may also be appropriate for clients that require more discretion and privacy.

CAST Centers’ clinical team has the experience and flexibility to create a customized plan. The custom outpatient plan may include a concierge medical doctor to oversee services, such as a private detox. It also includes an evaluation by a psychiatrist for psychiatric medication management, as well as private individual and family therapy sessions.

Benefits of a Custom Outpatient Program

CAST Centers’ Custom Outpatient Program is personalized according to the specific needs and treatment goals of the patient. There are many benefits of a custom outpatient program. Understanding the benefits can help someone make a more informed decision as to whether an outpatient program is the right fit.

The following is a closer look at some of the benefits of our custom outpatient program in Los Angeles. The following are the benefits of our custom outpatient program:

Meeting Family Obligations

For most patients, their family is a crucial part of their recovery. Being able to spend time with them each day, and stay functioning within the family unit, can help with the recovery process. Unlike inpatient treatment—where patients aren’t with families—outpatient programs allow someone to be in their own homes at night.

In addition, this allows patients to address any family obligations they may have as well, such as driving their kids to school, providing care to family members, and more.

Continuing Going to Work or School

Work and school can be a positive element to recovery which provides consistency and stability in one’s life. This is especially helpful for those who are recovering from an addiction. Many feel an obligation to remain working or attending school. As such, an outpatient program allows them to do so.

Notifying one’s employer or the school they’re attending while in an outpatient program may be helpful. However, they are not required to leave their job or school while receiving outpatient care.

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Personalized Treatment Plans

CAST Centers’ Custom Outpatient Program, in Los Angeles, is personalized for each client. It is important for the client to make a strong effort to make it to all scheduled visits. Because of this, clients should allow time in their weekly schedule for treatment.

However, the schedule can be formulated around other obligations of the participant. The specific types of treatment are also personalized. For example, some patients may benefit more from group therapy sessions, whereas others may find it more helpful to focus on individual counseling services.

Custom Outpatient Program as Long-Term Solution After Inpatient Treatment

Adjusting to life after inpatient drug rehab, or other inpatient care is a challenge for many clients. Participation in our custom outpatient program in Los Angeles makes the transition easier. This allows individuals to continue receiving support from a professional team and continue interacting with others who are in a similar situation.

In fact, many patients develop friendships during outpatient programs, helping them to meet their short and long-term treatment goals. However, while recovery is an ongoing daily goal, the risk of relapse is significantly reduced after one year of sobriety. For many clients in outpatient programs, the focus shifts towards continual personal growth that supports their long-term sobriety.

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What Kind of Services Might be Offered in a Custom Outpatient Program?

CAST Centers maintains professional relationships with experts in various fields so that our Custom Outpatient clients can get the support they need. Although outpatient treatment is not for everyone, for those who have a stable home environment, they are able to get the necessary mental health treatment, while staying in their home environment.

In addition, each client’s mental health needs are different. Therefore, each individual’s treatment plan will be different. We provide only the best services for our patients. These include:

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The CAST Alignment Model (CAM)

At our mental health treatment facility, we offer the CAST Alignment Model (CAM). Through this model, we combine support and treatment as clients go through two stages. First, they will build a foundation for healing and commitment to life by building coping skills, as well as healthy habits and behaviors.

Second, clients learn to live in a balanced home and lifestyle. We prioritize developing the ability to improve life at home, school or work, by learning self-care and useful skills.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Our partial hospitalization program (PHP) provides treatment sessions at a higher level of care compared to IOP. PHP is a day treatment program with three group sessions per day for five days a week.

Additionally, there is a one-on-one therapy session to discover any internal pains that still linger from any current mental health disorder. If people do not feel ready for outpatient treatment, PHP might be for them.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) offers intensive care for those who are still struggling after an inpatient program or other initial treatments. However, clients are able to stay at home and only visit the facility during necessary session times. This allows flexibility for those who feel inpatient treatment would conflict with daily responsibilities.

Patients will go through group therapy during IOP. In addition, they will attend one-on-one sessions with our staff to learn ways to cope and heal based on their individual experiences and needs.

LUNA: Evening IOP

We also provide an evening IOP called LUNA for those unable to commit to a day program. This allows flexibility for those who still want treatment after their daily responsibilities. Luna is a telehealth form of IOP.

This provides online group sessions and counseling according to someone’s mental health needs. If daily responsibilities are hindering treatment, Luna is available three evenings a week between the hours of 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM.

Begin Our Custom Outpatient Program in Los Angeles, CA

Mental health and addiction impact each person differently. That is why rigid, one-size-fits-all treatment programs are not as effective as client-centered, individualized programming. At CAST Centers we offer custom outpatient programs to meet the needs of our clients where they are in their recovery.

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“Whether a client is struggling with compulsive behavior, relationship issues, trauma, depression, anxiety, anger or grief, our aim to support transformation in the client’s internal and external worlds.”


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