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At Cast Centers, we are professionals who embody compassionate care. Each team member is focused on creating the best environment for lasting recovery. Our dedicated team of professionals specialize in comprehensive, individualized care, offering our clients the best chance at lifelong mental wellness. As one of the top mental health treatment centers in Los Angeles, the Cast Centers Team is honored to support you on your healing journey.

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Mike Bayer

Founder & CEO

Mike Bayer is a two-time New York Times best-selling author, CAST Centers Founder and CEO, and personal development coach whose mission is to help people achieve sound mental health in order to become their best selves. Mike spent the earlier years of his career as a drug and alcohol counselor (CADC-II) and later became a board-registered interventionist (BRI-II). Mike founded CAST Centers in 2005, as he saw a need for strong dual-diagnosis treatment. Mike is one of the most impactful and accomplished life coaches in the world today and has a highly reputable track record helping individuals, families and A-list celebrities heal and recover.

Mike Bayer has changed the lives of individuals and families by empowering them to break free of destructive patterns and cycles. With the belief that we all have the answers and power to change within ourselves, Mike guides his clients with a blend of exploration and problem-solving strategies, thereby challenging and encouraging them to live the lives they desire.

Mike has worked in the field in a variety of capacities including team-building within corporations, keynote speaking for numerous events and fortune 100 companies, as well as providing creative workshops. He also has his own podcast, Always Evolving With Coach Mike Bayer, sits on Dr. Phil’s advisory board as the most utilized expert on the program, and serves on the UCLA Board of Drug and Alcohol Counseling.

“If we are connected with our Best Self when making any given decision, we are infinitely more likely to make a decision that will lead us toward a better life rather than away from it.”


CAST Centers Staff

Samson Motavassel

Program Director (LCSW)

Sarah Leitz

Clinical Manager (LMFT)

Jackie O’Brien

Therapist, Lifestyle Coach (AMFT, CADC-III)

Patrick O’Neil

Manager of Next Step Program (CADC-|I, MFA)

Dr. William D. Stanley

Medical Director (M.D.)

Dr. Craig Smith

Board-Certified in Addiction Medicine

Jorge E. Rodriguez

Medical Consultant (M.D.)

Jeffrey Drew

Manager of Outreach
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