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Despite common misconceptions, drug addiction is far more than a lack of morals or willpower. Illicit drugs change the brain in ways that make quitting very difficult, even for those who are determined. Fortunately, substance use disorders and addiction are treatable. CAST Centers is helping individuals achieve long-term recovery and reclaim their lives. For this reason, we offer highly effective treatment at our meth rehab in Los Angeles, CA.

What Is Methamphetimine (Meth)

In the early 20th century, methamphetamine (meth) was developed from its parent drug – amphetamine. Initially, it was used as a decongestant and bronchial inhaler. It causes increased activity, talkativeness, and euphoria. The FDA-approved brand name is Desoxyn. Today it is a stimulant prescribed for obesity and ADHD that accelerates body functions. Unfortunately, it has been illegally altered in meth labs to create dangerous Crystal Meth, resembling glass fragments. This can be an incredibly hazardous chemical concoction with devastating consequences.

Methamphetamine powerfully alters brain chemistry. It boosts dopamine, the neurotransmitter linked to motivation and reward. As a result, this potent effect makes using this drug so enjoyable. Therefore, it drives people towards repeated use due to its rewarding sensation. As such, misuse of this powerful synthetic stimulant is highly likely with the potential for widespread repercussions on public health and safety.

The illicit drug trafficking of meth has become a nationwide issue. Especially, as Mexican drug cartels have become the primary manufacturers and distributors in the United States. This influx produces significantly more than that created by domestic meth lab operators, who rely on precursor chemicals for production. In response, Congress passed the Combat Meth Epidemic Act in 2005. As a result, retailers were mandated to place products containing pseudoephedrine or similar ingredients behind counters or in locked cabinets. In addition, consumers must then display IDs upon purchasing them.

Common Street Names

  • Crank 
  • Crystal 
  • Glass 
  • Go-Fast
  • Ice 
  • Meth
  • Methlies 
  • Quick 
  • Poor Man’s Cocaine
  • Shards 
  • Speed 
  • Stove Top 
  • Tweak 
  • Uppers

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What Are The Consequences of Meth Use?

Substance use disorders and addiction pose innumerable risks to a person’s mental, physical, and social well-being. In fact, repeated use of methamphetamine leads to numerous consequences. Meth causes an array of damaging health outcomes from organ damage to heart deterioration.

Other potential dangers of using meth include heart attack, stroke, seizure, and respiratory failure. Also, exposure to potential conditions like HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis if used intravenously. In addition, meth causes lost relationships, financial problems, and legal ramifications often incurred by procuring or consuming the drug itself. There are both short and long-term effects of using meth.

Short-term Effects 

  • Increased attention and decreased fatigue
  • Increased activity and wakefulness
  • Decreased appetite
  • Euphoria and rush
  • Increased respiration
  • Rapid/irregular heartbeat
  • Hyperthermia

Long-term Effects

  • Addiction
  • Psychosis including paranoia, and hallucinations
  • Repetitive motor activity
  • Changes in brain structure and function
  • Deficits in thinking and motor skills
  • Increased distractibility
  • Memory loss
  • Aggressive or violent behavior
  • Mood disturbances
  • Severe dental problems
  • Weight loss
  • Skin sores

Why Is Meth Addiction So Hard To Overcome Without Help?

Methamphetamine users can consume it by smoking, injecting, snorting, or taking it in pill form. Smoking or injection provides the most intense high that lasts for up to 12 hours. The effects of oral intake last between 6-12 hours but are not as potent as other methods of consumption. Consequently, with regular use, tolerance can build. Therefore, a user must take more to get the same effect, leading ultimately to addiction. 

Stimulant drugs hijack the brain’s reward circuitry, leading to a reliance on them for pleasure. Over time, people may find it more difficult to experience joy from activities that were once enjoyable like eating delicious food or sharing intimate moments with loved ones. Meth drastically impairs the function of neurotransmitters in the brain. As a result, it depletes serotonin and dopamine, leaving users with feelings of anxiety and depression after the drug wears off.

How Is Meth Addiction Treated?

Treatment for meth like many substances is a lifelong process. Depending on how much and how long someone has been using, they may require medical and psychiatric stabilization. If needed, an individual can detox in a residential setting. In that case, staff can administer medications to keep clients safe and comfortable during the initial withdrawal. Afterward, the client can begin participating in group therapy and individual counseling sessions. 

People may find it challenging to adjust to life without meth. Many clients will benefit from participating in CAST Centers’ Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) as well as Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) levels of care. We help clients learn new behaviors, coping skills, and habits during meth rehab in Los Angeles. Treatment plans should be tailored specifically to individuals based on their needs and preferences. No matter the type of treatment pursued, it must include aftercare strategies to help sustain long-term sobriety.

What Happens At Our Meth Rehab in Los Angeles, CA?

At CAST Centers our CAST Alignment Model (CAM) helps clients learn how to live comfortably without the use of meth. Our clinicians use evidence-based practices like Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Motivational Interviewing. Our approach to treatment helps clients learn how to live in alignment with their values and belief systems. By using a combination of group therapy and one-on-one sessions in our PHP and IOP levels of care, clients at CAST Centers recover in a community setting where they learn from one another and support each other daily.

Further, many individuals who struggle with a substance use disorder also have a co-occurring mental health disorder which leads to a dual diagnosis. This requires specialized treatment that addresses both disorders at the same time. Our team of professionals at CAST Centers will assist clients with personalized treatment plans for successful healing and recovery.

Begin Meth Rehab In Los Angeles, CA

Meth is a devastating and powerful drug with the potential to cause severe addiction. Its influence can be seen in changes of physical appearance, mood, and erratic behavior. As a result, it has a profound impact on not only those taking it but also their loved ones. Recovery from meth addiction is possible. Contact CAST Centers to learn more about meth rehab in Los Angeles, CA.

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