The Grand Opening of Cast Centers in Alamosa, Colorado

The grand opening of CAST Centers in Alamosa, Colorado was a phenomenal success! With the mayor and the Attorney General in attendance, the event was filled with excitement and hope for the positive impact it will bring to the community. Here’s to a brighter future ahead!

Cast Centers and West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Collaboration

  Cast Centers and the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce collaborated to curate an exceptional mixer, uniting the community in a celebration of our diverse and dynamic local businesses!

Grief Yoga with Paul Denniston

The founder of Grief Yoga, Paul Denniston, provided a session for the CAST Centers staff. Paul uses yoga, movement, breath and sound to release pain and suffering and connect with love. The approach Paul uses can be helpful for anyone and we encourage you to get a copy of his book “Healing Through Yoga” Grief […]

Ellen Reiss-Goldfarb RDN/CEDRD

At CAST Centers we look stay connected to experts in other fields to collaborate with to make sure our clients are getting the best comprehensive care possible. For over 20 years Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist (RDN) and Certified Eating Disorders Registered Dietitian (CEDED), Ellen Reiss-Goldfarb, has helped people improve their lives. Ellen provided the CAST Centers team […]

On 94.7 The Wave with Mike Bayer

CAST Centers CEO, Mike Bayer joined Liz Hernandez on Los Angeles’ 94.7 The Wave. As the founder of CAST Centers Mike has over 20 years of experience in the field of mental health and addiction treatment. Joining Liz on The Wave morning show Mike brought insights into decisions people make today to improve their lives. […]

CAST Centers CEO Mike Bayer on KTLA

What does it take to stay sober? CAST Centers CEO Mike Bayer joined LA’s very own KTLA to discuss the various elements that are important to maintaining sobriety. Getting sober is just the beginning! A sober life may include a variety of people places and things such as an IOP like CAST Centers, 12 step […]

Sound Meditation with Jackson Englund

Jackson Englund from Mystic Harmonies stopped by to provide a midday sound meditation for the CAST Centers team. Amid various meditation techniques, sound meditation has emerged as a powerful and transformative practice, offering a unique gateway to a serene and balanced mind. At its core, sound meditation involves immersing oneself in a symphony of calming […]

EMDR Therapist Ian Jensen

EMDR specialist and founder of Eastside Affirmative Psychotherapy, Ian Jensen shared his insights on trauma therapy with the team at CAST Centers today. Ian’s experience specially in the LGBT community is invaluable and we are always grateful to connect with other passionate providers. At CAST Centers our group therapy program offers a great support system […]

CAST Centers CEO Mike Bayer Keynote Talk for Alberta Blue Cross

CAST Centers CEO, Mike Bayer was the keynote speaker at the annual Alberta Blue Cross employee team assembly. At the event, Mike spoke on the topic of Courage and inspired them to be their Best Self in their personal and professional lives. Mike’s experience in health care includes experience as a therapist, interventionist, life coach […]

Beverly Hills Day of Wellness 2023

CAST Centers was proud to part of the Beverly Hills Day of Wellness 2023. CAST Centers, CEO Mike Bayer, gave a talk on “How To Be Your Best Self” and other CAST Centers team members provided information about outpatient mental health and addiction treatment. Many of the clients that attend CAST Centers outpatient treatment program […]

Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Employee Health Fair

Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Employee Health Fair was recently held and CAST Centers was proud to part of supporting our community. Our Admissions Director, Robert, was part of the festivities providing information about our outpatient treatment program. The Academy brought together a variety of local business that are supportive in physical, emotional […]

When does someone need detox?

Dr Renee Solomon and Lonnie Mc Creery from Forward Recovery share insights into their detox and residential treatment program. When does someone need detox? Regular use of substances like alcohol, benzodiazepines, opioids, cocaine, marijuana can lead to intense cravings. The cravings for drugs and alcohol can be so overwhelming that people will push away all […]

CAST Centers CEO Mike Bayer discusses the mental health stigma

CEO and founder of CAST Centers Mike Bayer discusses mental health stigma and treatment on KTLA news.  CAST Centers was founded in 2005 with the goal of improving, expanding and enhancing people’s lives. Located in Los Angeles, CAST Centers is an outpatient level of care for mental health and addiction. We support our clients in […]

Psychiatric treatment options

Dr Mark Hrymoc, co-founder of Mental Health Center, stopped by CAST Centers to talk about current psychiatric treatment options for bipolar type I and II, addiction, anxiety and depression. In our community we look for the best combination of psychiatry and therapy to give our clients the support they need to live a healthy productive […]

Advances in treatment of depression

Dr Jody Whitehouse, Dr Marc Smith and Dr Christopher Chin from Mindful Health Solutions met with the CAST Centers clinical team to discuss advances in psychiatry for the treatment of depression. Whatever triggers someone’s depression, it’s more than just feeling sad. Sadness is a temporary reaction to loss and other life events. The feelings caused […]

Physical health and emotional well being

Chiropractor Dr Johnny Aviles shared tips and insights with the CAST Centers team promoting physical health and emotional well being. Dr. Aviles uses a ‘whole person approach’ when taking care of his patients by combining the very best hands-on-techniques, state of the art physiotherapy and effective procedures. At CAST Centers our clinical team is always […]

Treating addictions and long term recovery

The clinical team at CAST Centers is always connecting with other professionals in our community. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) Kylie Kolb shared her experience in addiction treatment for long term recovery. Mental health treatment will oftentimes include treating addiction to a variety of substance as well as […]

Liz Hernandez creator of WORDAFUL

The creator of WORDAFUL, Liz Hernandez, joined the clinical team at CAST Centers to share her card game designed to help people connect on a deeper level. The game is an entertaining way to connect with other people while examining ourselves and realizing we are not alone. The WORDAFUL card game can be enjoyed with […]

DBT Skill building with SoCal DBT

Dialectical Behavior Therapy experts Suzanne Wallach and Danielle Lewin from SoCal DBT in Beverly Hills, CA provided a tutorial with the CAST Centers staff, focused on teaching DBT skills in an adherent way. Our team is always learning to improve the quality of care we provide in our outpatient treatment program in West Hollywood, CA. […]

CAST Centers supporting Beverly Hills educators and faculty

Director of Admissions, Robert Lien, joined other local health, wellness, nutrition, and fitness related providers at the Beverly Hills Unified School District Employee Health Fair. For the team at CAST Centers supporting Beverly Hills educators and faculty is an important part to lift up the entire community. CAST Centers offers a one-of-a-kind Los Angeles rehab […]

Anna David At Cast Centers

Publisher and author Anna David stopped by Cast Centers to provide an inspirational talk about achieving goals. From Anna’s website: While many know that setting goals is important in our personal lives, few understand how much goal setting can increase both job satisfaction and happiness in the workplace. But it’s a fact: according to a […]

Grief And Loss With David Kessler

Our CEO Mike Bayer sat down with David Kessler, a leading expert on grief and loss, and recorded a podcast focused on the grieving process. David met with the clinical team at CAST Centers and educated the team on the stages of grief and the process of loss. Listen in on the podcast here. Grief and loss […]

Mike Bayer Sits Down With David Kessler To Discuss Grief And Loss

Dear CAST Centers Community, We’d like to share an amazing resource with you. Our CEO Mike Bayer sat down with David Kessler, a leading expert on grief and loss, and recorded a podcast focused on the grieving process. We hope you find this to be helpful and informative. The Grieving Process With David Kessler   […]

Getting Through “Blue Monday”

Getting Through “Blue Monday” For most people the “Monday blues” normally start with the “Sunday scaries”. The work week ahead can add pressure and stress. Thus most people have reported that they struggle with Mondays. The third Monday of January is known as “Blue Monday”. It has been said to be the most depressing day […]

Cast Centers Open House October 27, 2022

Cast Centers is excited to announce that we will be hosting an open house on October 27, 2022. We be hosting some of our favorite mental health and addiction specialists. Contact us to learn more. CAST Centers was founded in 2005 with the goal of improving, expanding and enhancing people’s life experiences. We are recognized […]

Mike Bayer Speaking at Grace & Grind

Mike Bayer is a highly sought after speaker that has presented on many topics to a broad range of audiences. Grace & Grind aims to enhance our community of female roofing entrepreneurs and those connected to the industry with in-person connection, alongside a mix of work & play.

Jackie O’Brien, MFTT, Inservice for Marymount Faculty, Staff, and Students

Jackie O’Brien, MFTT, CADC-III, provided an inservice for Marymount faculty, staff, and students on Cultivating Happiness.

Morgan D. Love Warren, MSW, CTP, Speaking at Marymount University

Morgan D. Love Warren, MSW, CTP, Clinical Therapist at CAST Centers spoke at the Compassion Fatigue Workshop held by Marymount University in October.  

WTF is a life coach? | LawFlip Ep 62

In 2008/2009, I obsessively studied for and passed the two hardest bar exams in the country- New York and California. That brutal year of tests, combined with the stress of extremely high stakes litigation and the ups and downs of life, exacerbated an existing eating disorder to the point where I knew I needed help. […]

Mike Bayer Speaking at Pepperdine

Mike Bayer speaking at Pepperdine – #Jamii Career Webinar: Publishing Your First Article or Book

Mike Bayer on the Very Well Mind panel to discuss Managing Financial and Mental Stress Join the experts at Investopedia and Verywell for a free virtual event exploring answers to your biggest financial and healthcare questions. About this event COVID-19 continues to present unheard-of challenges for the world’s economies and healthcare systems. The Your Money Your Health conference will explore what long-term recovery looks like, and offer you the […]

Empowerment Group – Insightful and Progressive Discussion on Relationships

Empowerment Group – Dysfunctional Families and Relationship Reboot  

Writing Your Way to Recovery: How Stories Can Save Our Lives by Patrick O’Neil

CAST Centers’ Manager for The Next Step Program Patrick O’Neil, along with addiction memoirist James Brown, has co-author the recovery writing instructional manual, Writing Your Way to Recovery: How Stories Can Save Our Lives.  An extraordinary collection of personal stories and creative writing exercises designed to help others achieve lasting sobriety. Their unique approach to […]

The DRS | Coach Mike Bayer Shares His Tips for Getting Out of a Rut

  Coach Mike Bayer shares that anything that gets you away from fear right now is a step in the right direction. He decided to try and do something new every day like knitting, puzzles and ballet. Plus, Coach Mike shares his three daily rituals that help get him moving every day. Make a list […]

Dr Phil | Coach Mike Bayer Questions If Young Woman Addicted To Opioids Is Willing To Do The Work To Heal

Coach Mike Bayer offers insight into the behavior of a woman who admits she’s addicted to opioids. And, Dr. Phil offers her advice for moving in a new direction. Dr. Phil tells compelling stories about real people. The Dr. Phil Show is an American daytime talk show and TV series with host and personality Dr. […]
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