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Free yourself from whatever’s holding you back.

At CAST Centers, our mission is to improve the human experience, in all its unique diversity, beauty and complexity. To help you leave behind the burdens that have held you back, and allow you to embrace your most authentic, best self. Whatever you are struggling with—lack of passion, broken relationships or struggles with addiction or compulsive behavior—our goal is to set you free.

Personalized treatment programs for everyone.

At CAST, we believe that no two people are alike and no one solution can work for everyone. We tailor our programs around each client’s individual strengths and challenges, their potential areas for growth and their passions. We incorporate music, art, movement, and breathwork among other modalities, programs that are tailored to your specific needs.

Life enhancement for anyone who wants to get better or be better.

For more than 10 years, CAST has been helping people of every age and at every stage in their lives. Our approach is both innovative and unique. We know that people are not merely a collection of their parts. The mind, body, and spirit are one interdependent system. However, many of our clients come to us with disjointed, compartmentalized lives. We help individuals unify their psychological, physical and spiritual selves into a connected and fulfilled person.