Rocky D.

I struggled for decades with drugs and alcohol after being sexually abused as a child. I dealt with horrible anxiety, depression, and PTSD as a result of my abuse.

I was referred to CAST by my therapist who believed their program would offer me everything I needed, and the reputation of Mike Bayer made me feel comfortable giving it a shot.

My time at CAST’s PHP and Transitional Living was crucial to my sobriety and learning to live a more balanced and successful life. When I came to CAST, I had never experienced life as a sober person, and I never believed I could.

CAST offered me every tool in the arsenal to help me achieve my goals and solidify my sobriety. The staff genuinely cared about me, and it was very obvious that they were as invested in me getting better as I was. My sessions with Patrick were especially helpful in building my life back up.

The most important lesson I learned at CAST was that although they had every resource and tool available, I had to want to do the work and they were there to guide me through it.

Since leaving CAST, I’ve maintained my sobriety and have gone on to become a certified recovery coach with 2 years sober. I still utilize everything that CAST taught me.

Without CAST, I’m certain I wouldn’t still be sober and living a life I never imagined.

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