What Are the Benefits of Medication-Assisted Treatment

Addiction and substance use disorders involve an arduous struggle against cravings and detoxification, leaving many shrouded in darkness and insecurity. For the same reason, the introduction of a whole-person approach through medication-assisted treatment can be beneficial.

Though traditional prescription drugs are favored, medication-assisted treatments (MAT) are also considered effective for healing. It involves a whole-patient approach that combines both medications for substance use disorders with counseling. These medications are approved by the FDA to treat alcohol and opioid use disorders. Intake of these medicines will prevent the euphoric effects of substance misuse.

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What is Medication-Assisted Treatment and its History?

Imagine a situation where a person becomes dependent on drugs and alcohol. So, the moment he leaves consumption of these substance use disorders, his body starts to show unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, leading to relapse. This happens because the brain stops producing necessary chemicals due to the overuse of drugs.

Complying with such situations, the medical department introduced medication-assisted treatments (MAT) to provide support for co-occurring disorders. MAT began in the 1930s as an opioid treatment program with a full-recovery approach directed to:

  • Mitigate relapse risks
  • Increase survival rate
  • Recover brain slowly
  • Minimize illicit opiate use
  • Improve physical and mental health

Doctors and therapists often prescribe Suboxone, Methadone, and other medications for substance use disorders to ween a patient off narcotics. These medications restore body functions while helping to cope with difficult emotions.


FDA Approved Drugs used in MAT

Proven Benefits of Medication-Assisted Treatment

Considered a versatile treatment option with an effective success history, MAT offers a range of benefits for individuals hoping to recover from SUDS addiction. Research shows that therapies and medication-assisted treatment in Los Angeles centers have been able to reduce lapse rates by more than 50%.

Reduces discomfort by limiting the symptoms of withdrawal
It can’t be denied that with a focus on rebuilding lives, medications for substance use disorders can help patients reduce their pain and symptoms of withdrawal. MAT programs not only help to stop opioid usage but also guide the patient through gradual steps to manage dependency while mitigating future relapse.

  1. Prevents risk of serious complications

By focusing on the physical facets of addiction, MAT programs allow patients to recover without any substance misuse. This is done by complementing various modalities like behavioral therapy and semi-synthetic opioids. Studies have shown that MAT has helped individuals to succumb to the triggers, stabilizing their mental health.

  1. Helps individuals to stay calm

MAT programs help people to stay sober and productive. Individuals are provided with not only therapeutic treatment but also personalized care to achieve successful recovery. It’s also noticed that many patients begin the MAT program during the end of the inpatient program. Simultaneously, those who opt for outpatient programs from our center of medication-assisted treatment in Los Angeles can also remain on track.

  1. Promotes long-term recovery

As per surveys, MAT improves treatment adherence, enabling individuals to alleviate unlawful opioid usage. Individuals are encouraged to actively participate in discussions that strengthen their mindset and help in social well-being. By addressing the biological factors of addiction, patients are assisted to create a synergistic effect to focus on their emotional and psychological perspectives.

  1. Curbs accidental overdose with improved health

The long-term effects of addiction are really dangerous for the body and mind. A major cause of drug-related deaths is the intake of increased levels of substances associated with SUDs. MTA programs are designed with an evidence-based approach to promote recovery and lead a self-directed life.

  1. Personalized treatment approach

MAT allows patients to receive an affordable and flexible plan. Generally, treatments last months to years, extending proper support to recover at a pace. Also, healthcare specialists sometimes tailor the treatment regimen with medications for substance use disorders according to the client’s requirements.

These are only a few of the benefits of MAT. For all of the above, MAT can make a huge difference in bringing life on track after opioid usage. Apart from this, continued care is necessary to attain long-term recovery.

Doesn’t Using These Medications Just Substitute One Addiction For Another?

Suppose a lady is struggling with heroin addiction. Stopping cold turkey throws her body into chaos, chills, sweats, and a relentless craving. This is where it’s quite challenging to get any help. MAT comes in here. It’s not just substituting one drug for another.

Medications for substance use disorders, carefully monitored by a doctor, ease withdrawal and cravings. It’s like allowing the lady to focus on recovery finally.

Hence, it’s not just swapping one addictive drug for another. Consider another situation, a person receiving MAT for OUD; in this case, the dosage of medication won’t produce “high levels of consumption” associated with opioid misuse. All these medications help restore the brain balance which got affected by addiction, allowing it to heal completely.

Therefore, the above two examples are a clear indication to state that MAT is analogous to taking medicine for a cognitive disorder.

Deciding on the Right Treatment Strategy for You

The most important aspect of receiving successful opioid treatment is having access to the right healthcare professionals. It’s more than just a clinical intervention; it is the dedication to fostering resilience and providing individuals with a renewed sense of life.

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