Help For Anxiety

By Robert Lien, MHA

Getting help for anxiety during the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak is an option that may be necessary before it becomes a severe anxiety disorder. Anxiety is often fueled by fear – fear of the unknown, fear of something happening, or fear of recurring bad experiences. Over the last few weeks, as people around the world have stayed at home to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus, there has been an increase in anxiety for most people. Because of this increased anxiety many people have shown changes in sleeping habits, eating habits and ability to focus. As businesses are reopening and people are going out to their jobs, or getting more exercise or connecting with friends and family, there is an increase in the unknown potential spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus, which for many people is also creating an increase in anxiety.

Help for anxiety is possible by participating in an outpatient program in person or online. At CAST Centers outpatient anxiety treatment program we help clients understand what triggers their anxiety and how to better manage it and control it. By utilizing evidence-based practices such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), mindfulness and meditation in a group setting clients have better skills to implement it in their daily lives. These skills become integrated as behaviors that help people move forward one step at a time as part of a recovery community.

Many people don’t realize that group therapy is an option for them. If you have Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna PPO, Cigna PPO are United Healthcare PPO CAST Centers may be able to utilize your insurance to cover the entire cost of anxiety treatment. By utilizing your insurance benefits you can maximize the potential within you to reduce COVID-19 Coronavirus anxiety. Outpatient group therapy sessions happen 5 days a week or 3 days a week and are led by clinicians who are experienced in helping people from all walks of life. CAST Centers is located in West Hollywood California, on the border of Beverly Hills, and serves clients that live across the Los Angeles area. 

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