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Dr Jody Whitehouse, Dr Marc Smith and Dr Christopher Chin from Mindful Health Solutions met with the CAST Centers clinical team to discuss advances in psychiatry for the treatment of depression.

Whatever triggers someone’s depression, it’s more than just feeling sad.

Sadness is a temporary reaction to loss and other life events. The feelings caused by depression are sometimes so strong that they prevent them from living a normal life. Depression treatment can help someone manage their symptoms to live a happy and healthy life.

If someone is suffering from depression, they might find it hard to get help.

One reason for this is that after a while, depression starts to seem normal. It’s easy to forget one used to feel differently, so it’s hard to see they need depression help. Another reason is depression makes someone feel apathetic, as though there’s no point in getting help.

There have been advances in treatment of depression that make it more available than ever before.

The struggle with depression takes these things away, but CAST Centers in Los Angeles, California, is here to help you take them back.


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