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Dialectical Behavior Therapy experts Suzanne Wallach and Danielle Lewin from SoCal DBT in Beverly Hills, CA provided a tutorial with the CAST Centers staff, focused on teaching DBT skills in an adherent way. Our team is always learning to improve the quality of care we provide in our outpatient treatment program in West Hollywood, CA. We also enjoy collaboration with the specialists in our community to provide our clients customized treatment plans. Spending time DBT skill building with SoCal DBT is a great way to share best practices in our community.

The CAST Alignment Model (CAM) is the basis for the integrated activities of alignment, support, and treatment that are components of the CAST program.

Objectives of Participation in the CAM

  • Building a strong emotional foundation for living a meaningful life.
  • Exploring fundamental beliefs and how they shape and impact life experiences (e.g., interpersonal relationships, self-identity).
  • Gaining emotional freedom through understanding past trauma, maladaptive behaviors, and other causes of pain. Then use that knowledge to heal and recover.
  • Committing to being involved in life that incorporates a new awareness of personal goals.
  • Developing nurturing and loving relationships.
  • Living in alignment with a core belief system that balances relationships, work, wellness, intellectual pursuits, and spirituality.

The CAST treatment program is structured but flexible

The arrangement and flow follow the program modules but are still flexible to be responsive to the needs and timing of individual clients’ readiness to start treatment.

DBT Skill building with SoCal DBT

The goal of DBT is to help clients build a life that they experience as worth living. In DBT, the client and the therapist work together to set goals that are meaningful to the client. Often this means they work on ways to decrease harmful behaviors and replace them with effective, life-enhancing behaviors. Problematic behaviors evolve as a way to cope with a situation or attempt to solve a problem.


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