CEO and founder of CAST Centers Mike Bayer discusses mental health stigma and treatment on KTLA news

CAST Centers was founded in 2005 with the goal of improving, expanding and enhancing people’s lives.

Located in Los Angeles, CAST Centers is an outpatient level of care for mental health and addiction. We support our clients in developing the necessary skills to experience greater fulfillment and joy in their lives. Additionally, our evidence-based treatment modalities and compassionate team of clinicians will provide you with the tools needed to create lasting change.

At CAST Centers, we take an individualized approach to each client’s needs.

We recognize that there are unique challenges each client is suffering from requiring a customized treatment plan. Furthermore, the treatment schedule may also be customized to include in-person and online groups. 

Mental health conditions we treat may include the following symptoms:

  • Depression: Reduced or increased appetite, excessive sleepiness or inability to fall asleep. Fatigue or restless, excessive crying, social isolation, lack of concentration, and thoughts of suicide are also signs of depression.
  • Anxiety: Increased heart rate, rapid breathing or hyperventilation, shaking, feelings of panic, intense nervousness, or stress.
  • PTSD/trauma: Agitation, irritability, hostility towards friends or loved ones, flashbacks, extreme fear or anxiety, inability to sleep, intense nightmares, and emotional detachment.
  • Bipolar disorder: Mood swings, extremely elevated mood, feelings of guilt or hopelessness, increased risk-taking, agitation, depression, excessive sleepiness or inability to fall asleep, and frenzied speaking.
  • Stress: Low energy, digestive problems, aching muscles, inability to fall asleep, racing thoughts, low energy, and frequent colds.
  • Grief: Denial of loss, anger and frustration, depression, excessive sleepiness, and lack of energy.
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