Michael A.

I was a client at both CAST’s IOP program and their Transitional Living apartments for 8 months. I came to them just out of an inpatient treatment facility after a decade-long battle with heroin and alcohol.

The love, support, and exceptional ability of their staff, both at TL and IOP are beyond measure. I have been to several other treatment centers (including Betty Ford) and none of the others came close to providing the holistic level of care I received at CAST.

If it were not for CAST I can honestly say I do not believe I would be a sober and a genuinely happy person today. Even after I completed my stay with them, I have continued to receive ongoing support through their Alumni program.

I am incredibly grateful for everything CAST has done for me, and continues to do for me as I make my way in the world as a sober person. I am proud to be a CAST alum.

A very special shout out to Charles, Emma, Taylor, Aliah, Rebecca, Sabrena, Mike, Patrick and Brendon. Without you guys I might not be here to write this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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