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Aliah Whitemore Demonstrates Integrative Somatic Realignment Therapy

CAST Centers very own Aliah Whitmore was a guest speaker at the Powerful Living Experience event in Orlando, Florida.

Powerful Breathing, Powerful Living

CAST’s very own Aliah Whitmore, IBW, HHC, LMT, PT, will be a guest speaker at the Powerful Living Experience Live event in Orlando, Florida.  Aliah…

Story Of Hope 2

My first experience using alcohol and drugs was at a party when I was 15 years old. I remember thinking “This is amazing. I feel so free. I feel so powerful….

The Story of Hope

The road to recovery from addiction can sometimes be a twisted path.  Here’s a story of hope and how a life can be changed.

How To Become a Successful Life Coach

Mike Bayer Interview with The Pursuit

Wellness 101

How are you? It’s a simple question often asked by friends and acquaintances, but how often do we make the same inquiry of ourselves?

Ten-Minute Strategies To Ease Into Wellness

Instead of leaping into a complete life overhaul, consider putting manageable building blocks in place so you’ll have a foundation to support healthy changes…

Trying to Forgive Myself

I walk onto campus against the flow of students and cars exiting the parking lot. I’m teaching tonight and the woman I teach with is sick, so it’s only me an…

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