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‘I Have A Severe Phobia—Here’s What It’s Like’

Dr. Cecelia Mylett was quoted in Women’s Health regarding how certain conditions, like deipnophobia, are considered social anxiety and phobias.

The Past Does Not Dictate Your Future

CAST Centers Resident Advisor, Michael Arndt, was quoted on the Thriveworks blog, on the best advice he was given as a client.

The Living Room – CAST on Tour, Nashville

Here is what happened in Nashville. Mike Bayer the CEO of CAST Centers did what he called, “The Living Room”.

Holding Space – Life Lesson Hank Fortener

“Holding space… It’s the important skill you will learn in a marriage, in a relationship, in a job….”

Orlando Sanchez, Life Lesson

Orlando Sanchez talks about his life lesson during CAST on Tour.

Aliah Whitemore Demonstrates Integrative Somatic Realignment Therapy

CAST Centers very own Aliah Whitmore was a guest speaker at the Powerful Living Experience event in Orlando, Florida.

Powerful Breathing, Powerful Living

CAST’s very own Aliah Whitmore, IBW, HHC, LMT, PT, will be a guest speaker at the Powerful Living Experience Live event in Orlando, Florida.  Aliah…

Story Of Hope 2

My first experience using alcohol and drugs was at a party when I was 15 years old. I remember thinking “This is amazing. I feel so free. I feel so powerful….

The Story of Hope

The road to recovery from addiction can sometimes be a twisted path.  Here’s a story of hope and how a life can be changed.

How To Become a Successful Life Coach

Mike Bayer Interview with The Pursuit

Wellness 101

How are you? It’s a simple question often asked by friends and acquaintances, but how often do we make the same inquiry of ourselves?

Ten-Minute Strategies To Ease Into Wellness

Instead of leaping into a complete life overhaul, consider putting manageable building blocks in place so you’ll have a foundation to support healthy changes…

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