How Do People Get Into Outpatient Treatment?

By Robert Lien, MHA

There are numerous options for mental health and addiction outpatient rehab in Los Angeles. Not all treatment facilities offer the same types of rehabilitation treatment and so it can be overwhelming to choose which is the best fit. If you have never had to look for help at an outpatient treatment program for addiction or mental health before you are probably wondering how people find the right place. At CAST Centers in West Hollywood, California we see clients for outpatient treatment during the day as well as an online evening IOP and typically clients will find our outpatient rehab one of five ways.

1. A referral from other professionals. 

It is common for a medical doctor, psychiatrist, social worker at a hospital, or therapist in the Los Angeles area that has been treating someone for conditions like anxiety, depression, bipolar or addiction to drugs and alcohol to recommend seeking additional support services. At CAST Centers these other professionals may call us recommending their client to join our intensive outpatient program or partial hospitalization program level of care. When another addiction or mental health professional refers a client to CAST Centers we like to have the client sign a release of information that allows our clinical team to communicate with that other professional if it will be beneficial. This process is about building a stronger support system for the client and to make sure treatment is coordinated and working on the same goals.

2. Step down from a detox or residential treatment program. 

After someone has spent time either at a medical detox or inpatient rehab program clients will step down to CAST Centers for continuing outpatient treatment. Before the client leaves that inpatient rehab we can coordinate with the facility they are currently in to make sure that the transition is smooth and structured. At CAST Centers we will provide a courtesy verification of benefits to make sure the insurance will help pay for outpatient treatment and to calculate any out-of-pocket cost. We also schedule the day and time for admission into outpatient treatment at CAST Centers before they discharge from the other facility so there is no delay in the treatment.

3. The client themselves searched online for outpatient treatment in Los Angeles. 

Most clients at CAST Centers have not reached the point, yet, where they have lost everything. While they are starting to recognize warning signs of increased anxiety, depression or abuse of alcohol and other drugs they find the courage to call and reach out for help. Here at CAST Centers we have the ability to create an outpatient schedule that can help work around the client’s family obligations as well as work or school schedule. Our evening outpatient program from 5:30 to 8:30 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday is a great way to join a support group for people that have busy lives during the day.

4. Family interventions.

Interventions are often necessary when someone is in denial or refusing to accept help for addiction or mental health conditions. By coordinating with a professional interventionist CAST Centers can help the family create a safe and loving approach for their family member to understand the seriousness of their condition and more importantly that there is help available. An intervention does not always mean that someone is taken away and locked up at a facility it can also be about breaking the unhealthy cycle. Intervention for drug and alcohol use as well as mental health conditions can be necessary to get everybody together so that there is no more shame or blame, everybody can communicate honestly and focus on solutions. By starting to communicate honestly a treatment plan can be put together so that everyone involved can get the help that they need.

5. Recommendation from an employer.

Being recommended by an employer to get help is not always a bad thing especially due to the stress that has impacted everyone’s lives from COVID-19 Coronavirus. Mental health benefits and addiction treatment options are often available through an employee assistance program. Most human resource departments will have the ability to confidentially help someone find the mental health rehab or addiction treatment that they need. It is oftentimes common for someone to be struggling at work because of stress, anxiety or depression and then bring that home with them never being able to properly relax and creating a cycle that only makes things worse at home and at work. Most companies want to invest in their employees’ health and wellness to help retain them. By utilizing an outpatient treatment program clients will sometimes take a leave of absence from work to focus on themselves and then when returning to work utilize CAST Centers ongoing Best Self Coaching Program or Aftercare Program to maintain their stability and peace of mind. 

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