Three Benefits of Group Therapy

By Jackie O’Brien, CADC-III

In today’s climate, people are finding themselves isolated and in need of connection. People are also struggling to ask for the help they need to heal. Being vulnerable with others can definitely be scary and uncomfortable but the alternative is much more bleak. Group Therapy is one of the most effective ways to treat both mental health and substance use disorders. Evidence-based research supports group therapy as a primary treatment form for anxiety, depression, bipolar and drug/alcohol addiction. If you’re on the fence about seeking help, read below for the top three benefits of group therapy!


 Today more than ever we need to talk and listen to people. Sharing your story with another person is one of THE best ways to begin your healing journey.


 A lot of our anxiety and stress is deeply rooted in the inability to effectively communicate and/or get out needs met. Group therapy starts teaching clients this process from day one!


Our peers in the group setting often hold up a mirror for us to examine our own actions and allow change to happen. Interpersonal group dynamics are extremely effective in eliciting personal change.

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