Will My Insurance Pay For Treatment?

By Robert Lien, MHA

Will my Cigna insurance pay for anxiety treatment? Does my Aetna insurance cover depression therapy? These are common questions people search answers for everyday. In most cases, the answer is yes. Your insurance will help pay for treatment, however understanding your insurance benefits can be confusing. You may hear words you’re not familiar with like out-of-pocket maximum, copay or deductible and it is difficult to understand how they factor into what kind of depression or anxiety treatment you can get. These terms will have a direct impact on the out of pocket portion you may have to pay to begin treatment. 

Health insurance may help pay for individual therapy or counseling while also allowing you to participate in a Partial Hospitalization Program (also known as PHP) or an Intensive Outpatient Program (also known as IOP) level of care. It is important to understand how your insurance pays different providers different rates, as well as any potential out of pocket costs that may vary from different types of providers or treatment programs. For example, you might have a per office copay amount for your Psychiatrist but not for an Intensive Outpatient Program that treats anxiety and depression.  

It can also be confusing to understand how to use insurance policies that are a PPO or an HMO. HMO insurance policies typically require people to work within a contracted network. It may also require the individual to get a referral from a primary care physician to be able to see a specialized provider for conditions such as anxiety and depression. With a PPO insurance policy, individuals will have more flexibility and are typically able to choose providers or treatment programs they want to work with regardless of what network they are contracted in.

If you are using your insurance benefits to help pay for a psychiatrist or individual therapist it may also be beneficial to participate in a group therapy program for additional support. Oftentimes, medication or weekly one-on-one therapy sessions alone are insufficient in overcoming a condition of anxiety or depression. Your insurance may have more benefit options than you realize and the time to get help is now.

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