3 Benefits of Telehealth

By Erin O’Brien

As we move swiftly into the world of online mental health treatment, there is naturally some hesitance to fully embrace it. It certainly can be an adjustment, but there are also many benefits to getting treatment online.

Reduces Time Commitment

One great thing about treatment via telehealth is that it is much less of a time commitment. Virtual therapy cuts out the commute and allows you to attend your session from your office, your car, your closet, your treehouse… anywhere you feel comfortable. You don’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic, rushing out of work, or circling the block trying to find parking. Just find a quiet spot and you’re ready to go. This makes it much more accessible to people with jobs, kids, or any kind of busy schedule.

Familiar Environment

Online treatment also allows your treatment team to see you in your home environment, giving them insight into your world in a new way. Of course they’ll only see what you want them to see, but they may be able to get a sense of how clean/tidy your home is, what’s on your walls, and how you dress at home. Those small things will help them get to know and understand you better, which will strengthen the treatment.

Less Intimidating

Lastly, attending treatment over video from the comfort of your own space can feel less vulnerable and scary than in person. Adding that small separation may be just enough to make it easier to share your story and express your feelings. You’re also able to surround yourself with things that ease your anxiety, which can lessen any emotional walls you have up.

Telehealth may not feel natural at first, but after a short amount of time, you get used to it and it’s really not much different than being in person. Plus, you get these added benefits that aren’t generally available face-to-face. There’s no harm in giving it a try!

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