How Do I Fit an Intensive Outpatient Program Into My Busy Day?

By Robert Lien, MHA

How do I fit an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) into my busy work and family schedule? This is a question that we hear on a regular basis at CAST Centers. For some people, stepping down from a residential inpatient treatment program to return to work is necessary. The stress and fear of returning to work can be overwhelming, not to mention, adjusting to life at home without using drugs or alcohol. For others that have not yet had to go to a residential inpatient program, it can also be challenging to fit an IOP into a busy daily life that may be stressful.

There are numerous benefits to outpatient therapy for addiction, which also helps with conditions like anxiety and depression. Staying connected to a community of recovery increases the ability for someone to stay sober, while also improving their overall quality of life. Staying connected to other people who are focusing on living a healthier lifestyle and improving their mental health creates a support system and a safety net when times get tough. By providing feedback to each other, clients also share and celebrate the good things that are happening in their new found sobriety. 

IOP group therapy in the evening can also provide a place to fill the void left by not going to happy hour after work or going home to have a drink to relax. Evening IOP can help people maintain sobriety and work on issues related to anxiety and depression. Using the CAST Alignment Model, our clinicians help individuals learn how to deal with daily stressors and communicate with not only family members but also co-workers and friends. Going to a group therapy program in the evening provides our clients with a safe place to identify the challenges they faced that day and get real-time tools and direction to implement immediately.

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