LUNA Evening IOP: Treatment Access From A Clinician’s Perspective

By Patrick O’Neil

There have always been challenges for those that need substance abuse treatment to actually attend a daytime program. A majority of “functioning” addicts and alcoholics cannot commit to a three-day in-person IOP—let alone a 90-day residential treatment facility. The required hours needed to attend would uproot their lives, and possibly cause them to lose their jobs, and housing. Increasingly we’re seeing professionals, stay at home moms, and students saying they really need treatment. But even the less time demanding schedule of a daytime IOP just won’t work for them. And yes, there’s always the argument they will eventually lose everything if they continue along the path of addiction that they have been traveling. But is that really the answer? 

Not being able to fit treatment into their schedule shouldn’t be the reason these addicts and alcoholics can’t get sober. Addiction isn’t a nine to five job. So why should their only option for treatment be confined to those hours as well? Addicts and alcoholics are resourceful people. They can think outside the box and treatment needs to adapt in order to provide the needed and life saving services that traditional IOP’s offer. Conventional hours have always historically been a barrier for these populations. New modes of recovery treatment should not only be embraced but also implemented.

One such program we’re offering here at CAST Centers is the evening LUNA IOP. A completely online treatment service, that meets three nights a week, 5:30pm to 8:30pm. Our LUNA program provides the same services as our daytime IOP; Group Therapy, One-on-One Counseling, and the ability to transition into Aftercare. Clients are able to participate via online from the privacy and convenience of their own homes. With LUNA the usual obstacles to engaging in treatment; transportation, logistics, and daytime hours are no longer barriers.

Another unintentionally benefit of online rehab treatment, and one of the biggest and ongoing challenges for the recovering addict/alcoholic while they are in treatment, is their life outside the recovery center. Old behaviors, toxic environments, and unhealthy relationships are all tangible concerns while the addict and alcoholic are attempting to get sober. If these issues are not addressed, or they don’t learn to realistically implement the life skills acquired from their individual sessions and group therapy, then the addict and alcoholic can be in danger of relapsing. But with online treatment there is the added advantage for the addict and alcoholic to identify these issues in real time. Meaning because they are immersed in their environment, not leaving to attend treatment elsewhere, they will be even more aware of their triggers and what is and isn’t working in their daily lives. Which in turn affords them the opportunity to bring their “challenges” to the group setting, working though them, and ultimately practicing these newly learned behavioral solutions while remaining in their home environments.

These days people live more and more of their lives online. They socialize, work, pay bills, attend school, and do their grocery shopping. Most will get online several times a day. For some the majority of their lives will occur online. And because of this it’s important for addiction treatment to be ahead of the curve and keep up with the way people live. Online treatment programs provide a convenient, affordable, and time-efficient option, without the inconvenience of attending a traditional in-person inpatient program. If you or a loved one are seeking help from active addiction and/or the devastating effects from alcoholism but have scheduling conflicts with normal treatment hours or are physically unable to attend in-person. CAST Centers evening LUNA IOP now provides a fully Online Treatment Service. Don’t let scheduling conflicts be the reason you miss out on your opportunity to get sober and find the freedom to be your best self.

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