Solutions For Low Motivation


By Jackie O’Brien

Over the last couple of months, we have been adjusting to a new way of living life. It has not been easy and the side effects are palpable. Depression and anxiety are on the rise and with that comes low motivation and fatigue. 

Are you struggling to meet personal and professional goals? You are not alone! Below I have listed five tips that will help you break through the resistance and achieve your goals. 

1.    BABY STEPS – Break down the goals into even smaller parts. For example, if your goal is to run for thirty minutes, start with running for five minutes. Build on your successes. 

2.    SELF-COMPASSION IS KEY – It’s ok to fall off the horse. In fact, it’s human. Try again the next day!

3.    STOP “SHOULD’ING” ON YOURSELF – Words like “should” and “need” are just precursors to shame. Try reframing how you talk to yourself about your goals. Instead of “I should clean my whole house today,” try “I am going to try to clean today.

4.    ONE AT A TIME – Just work with one goal at a time. People often get overwhelmed and end up anxious and frozen when they try to do everything at once. 

5.    DOCUMENT – This is a major motivation tool. Log your achievements in a place that is accessible and visible.  

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