Using Your Health Insurance to Pay for Online Treatment

By Mardet Homans

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, it is more important than ever to have comprehensive health insurance and access to healthcare. When one thinks of healthcare, the immediate implication is usually associated with physical health. The average person purchases a healthcare plan in the event they fall ill, break a bone, need surgery. However, many health insurance policies also include coverage of mental health services, for example, treatment for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and substance abuse disorders. 

During this time of social distancing, which denotes social isolation and, therefore, increased loneliness that can have a significant negative impact on psychological well being, it is crucial to prioritize one’s mental health. One might ask, “How is it possible to access mental health treatment when I’m supposed to be distancing myself from others?” The answer is simple: online mental health treatment. 

Online mental health treatment comes in a variety of forms, and at CAST Centers online treatment includes both individual and group therapy. The structure of online treatment mirrors that of in-person treatment with the exception of the digital platform. Many individuals may be intrigued by this concept, but pause with the question: “Will my health insurance pay for online treatment?” Although not widely advertised, many health insurance policies will in fact cover some, or all, of the cost of online treatment. 

As an innovator in healthcare, CAST Centers has been offering online treatment for over 10 years with tremendous success. The majority of CAST clients who access online treatment have effectively utilized their health insurance to pay for the cost of the services. Whether due to distance, convenience or preference,  CAST clients report significant improvement in their symptoms with the use of online treatment.  

So how does someone know if their health insurance will cover the cost of online treatment at CAST Centers? CAST is in-network with Anthem Blue Cross, which means that if someone has an Anthem health insurance policy, whether it is an HMO or PPO, there is a good chance their online treatment will be paid for by Anthem. In addition to Anthem, CAST can work with many other PPO health insurance policies as an out-of-network provider; that means the phrase “in-network versus out-of-network” is not necessarily a barrier to seeking online treatment.

Given the current health crisis, and its effect on social interaction, the time to access online treatment is now. Since the majority people are currently working from home or not at all, it has never been easier or more convenient to try online treatment, particularly if insurance covers the cost. If you are interested in learning more about CAST’s online treatment and are curious to find out whether your health insurance will cover some, or all, of the cost, please contact CAST Centers or call (866)-283-9885 for a free verification of you insurance benefits.

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