Morning Routine And Your Wellness

When you’re stuck inside your house all day long, it’s easy to sink into a depressive state, whether or not you have a history of depression. It can be helpful to add some structure to your days to maintain a sense of normalcy, and one of the best ways to do that is to keep up with a morning routine.

Below are some examples of beneficial components to a morning routine:

Wake up at the Same Time Every Day

This helps your sleep schedule remain consistent, which in turn gives you more energy throughout the day. Whether it’s 5am, 10am, or anything in between, just keep it consistent.

Keep Your Phone on Do Not Disturb

This is a beneficial addition to a morning routine any time of the year, but especially during a global pandemic. When we’re constantly being inundated with scary headlines and awful news, it’s important to give ourselves some space from that when we first wake up. I try not to look at my phone/email for the first hour after waking up, which allows me to process my own thoughts first rather than immediately consuming everyone else’s.


I highly recommend journaling to just about everyone, and a stream of consciousness journaling session each morning can really help clear out your head. This is especially helpful in these times when anxiety levels are heightened for all. Putting it down on paper helps to, at least partially, keep those anxieties from festering in your head all day long.


You’ve just gone 7- 8 hours without drinking any water, so it’s ideal to drink at least 8oz of water right when you wake up. You can flavor it with some lemon or drink it plain, but getting hydrated first thing in the morning will help you maintain your energy levels throughout the day.


It’s natural that we won’t be moving as much while quarantined, but movement can be incredibly helpful for your physical and mental wellbeing. No one is expected to train for a marathon during this time, but even just doing some simple stretches or light yoga in the morning can keep our blood flowing and gives us a few quiet minutes of mindfulness to start off the day.

One thing to remember is that your morning routine should be tailored to your needs and preferences in order for it to stick. Do what works for you, and be gentle with yourself! The “perfect” morning routine is the one that helps you maintain your sanity in the midst of a global crisis, whatever that may look like for you.

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